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How do you rate yourself against the 6 pillars of self-improvement?

self-improvement assessment

Hi There!

Personal growth and development are fundamental to achieving a fulfilling and successful life. The six pillars of self-improvement are the building blocks of this journey, encompassing every aspect of our lives and helping us become the best version of ourselves.

These six pillars represent essential components of personal growth, including physical and mental health, emotional intelligence, intellectual growth, spiritual development, and social connections. Mastering each of these areas is critical to achieving a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

In today’s coaching exercise, we'll explore each pillar and get you to self-assess how you would rate yourself against each pillar. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses in each area, you'll gain clarity on where to focus your energy and start taking action towards your goals.

After you’ve watched the video, use this link to complete your self-improvement assessment:

Have fun exploring.

Think deeper, live better!



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