Loving "Geography of the Soul" thank you

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The words you have used complement perfectly the art at the top of the page. As I read the exercise you have suggested I am reminded of the power of sound.

I went to the cinema to see the first reboot of Star Trek with Tom who was around 10 at the time and his friend. As the film started, the echo locator ping on bridge was to be heard but it bounced around the auditorium in fantastic surround sound.

Then something strange happened. A powerful memory came back and it felt I was time shifted back to the 1970’s watching the original TV series in the front room of the family home - a frugal semi detached house in Leeds.

In an instant I was that boy again. The sights, sound and smells of living with my parents and brothers came flooding in. For a brief moment I was there - a simpler, smaller, me transfixed by the box in the corner where the only two things in life were fun and food.

It shook me to the core and clearly demonstrated that triggers for regression of the human brain can be incredibly powerful.

So yes, I will have a go at exploring the universe that is my mind and it is probably necessary to delve into some of the caverns where things live that I am not so proud of.

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