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I'm a big fan of AI, but yesterday I had my first mini existential crisis when I stumbled up RadioGPT. I listened to it for an hour. It's incredible! The whole radio station is run by AI, and honestly, you can hardly tell the difference. The hosts, DJs, newsreaders – all of them are AI-powered!

Coupled with my exposure to Runway's Gen-2 text-to-video capability, Microsoft's Co-Pilot, Google's equivalent tool, and NoleJ—an e-learning authoring AI—I found myself questioning the future of human endeavors in the face of such advanced technology.

NoleJ's ability to transform any document, video, or text instructions into a comprehensive e-learning module in just 20 minutes—something that would typically take a human hours or even days—left me astonished. As I dive deeper into the world of AI each day, my emotions fluctuate between excitement and mild trepidation.

The immense potential of AI leaves me thrilled, while the fear of becoming obsolete if not involved in AI development gnaws at me. The notion that AI will soon outperform humans in virtually every task raises concerns about the relevance of our skills and contributions.

Did you have a chance to read Bill Gates's essay, "The Age of AI has begun"? His vision of a future dominated by AI resembled the triumphant return of an emperor reclaiming his lost empire, leaving me to ponder the implications of such a world.

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