Riding the Epistemological Rollercoaster
Wonder or Worry? Facing an AI FutureAs AI continues to advance and work its way into mainstream use in the way that we work and play, what do you feel are the long-term implication…
The brain is the key. The brain is the source. The brain is God.
How do you rate yourself against the 6 pillars of self-improvement?Guarda ora (14 min) | self-improvement assessment
The Power of Self-ReflectionListen now (28 min) | Sunday Secular Sermon #1
let us count the ways
Self-Improvement AMAIn addition to answering any questions that may have come up while you were doing the “positive and negative beliefs” coaching exercise, I also …
You are who you believe you are Listen now (3 min) | Coaching Exercise #2
a simple approach to extraordinary results
How to Manage Your Emotional State Q&AEmotions feel like something we have no control over. They just happen to us. Well, if you had a chance to play with Monday's coaching exercise,…
Coaching Exercise
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