Nothing Is As It Seems
Nothing Is As It Seems
The Power of Self-Reflection

The Power of Self-Reflection

Sunday Secular Sermon #1

I want to make The Coach’s Notes a powerful force for good. My mind is swirling with ideas and thoughts on how I can bring more value to you as subscribers—both paid and non-paid subscribers.

During my self-reflection session yesterday, I remembered that the School of Life used to run an event called the Sunday Sermons. The idea was to take a secular approach to the church format.

Strictly speaking, a sermon is a speech or talk given by a religious leader or preacher during a religious service or gathering. The purpose was to offer guidance, instruction, or inspiration to the congregation or listeners based on religious teachings or principles.

My Sunday secular sermon is a riff on this idea.

This is my first one. I went for a radio DJ-style presentation. This felt more comfortable than standing up and preaching to the birds!

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy it.

Excellence and Wisdom,


Resources mentioned

The Ultimate Self-Exploration Journal. ‘Who Am I?’ and 199 Other Transformational Questions and Creative Writing Prompts for Self Reflection and Personal Enlightenment, by Gerald Confienza

drinking from the river of light, by Mark Nepo

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Nothing Is As It Seems
Nothing Is As It Seems
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